A Man Is Architect Of His Own Fate Agreement And Disagreement

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Yes, whoever is responsible for his own destiny, while others influence the course of your life, it is up to you to decide the result The ancient masters like Aristotle have prostrate the theory that the tragedy of man`s life comes out of a mistake in his own character. The rise of its own actions contributed to its ruin. Man himself is the architect of his destiny. Whether a human being suffers or prospers depends on temperament, action and action. A good deed works. There are men who fall back on what is coming, they say, “It was so determined, it was so big.” That is the attitude of the defeatist. It is true that there are curves of happiness and that they determine our lives. But efforts can change the direction of the wind. Will can move mountains. However, thoughtless acts have unpleasant and even disastrous consequences. Nothing can tie him to a man of strength. The debate, however, was for those who believe that man against the predestined forces of life, ungodly. For them, it is fate that determines our joy and suffering.

But the question of the extent to which fate interferes in human affairs is an unanswered question. The one who succeeds is thanks to his successes. On the contrary, failure is attributed to fate. We should not abandon ourselves entirely to fate, but we must remember that even the slightest turn of events could hinder our progress. Taking these two points into account, we should look at what we want, what, as architects, would be our dream project. Man is the creator of his destiny and God also helps those who help themselves. There are trials and trials that God presents to them, but he also rewards them with results that win the results on his own. Man does not make his destiny the destiny of man. Of course, man is an architect oh his future, he does not depend on his position in society on the contrary, he can motivate him to live better than he lived. If man wants to lead a good, rich and prosperous life, he should try to make his life better instead of finding reasons. Yet some believe that they cannot influence their own destiny. They believe that fate depends on happiness and external factors that cannot be changed.

They claim that happiness is unattainable. In my opinion, you should always remember that everyone has a chance to be happy, so you should make an effort to get there. First of all, anyone can find a job or a hobby that makes them happy. Secondly, no one can be happy if there are no reliable friends and a good family in life, so you should be friendly and friendly to make lots of new friends. Third, any change in the environment can change your life and make you happier. Good morning, Kairat. Yes, I agree. Although some people say that everything that is your destiny happens, but I think even fate depends on you. See you tomorrow;) What is candido bartolome`s contribution to gymnastics? A man forms into a structure he wants to be. He`s the conqueror. What is the reflection of the history of carpets of francisco arcellana? The man should continue his efforts; he should not succumb or capitulate, but continue to fight, “when winter comes, spring can go back a long way,” sang the poet Shelley Faith in one; capabilities can reverse the trend. CreateDebate is a social debate community based on ideas, discussion and democracy.

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