Equity Agreement Contract

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If you want more information about the legal structures that govern the distribution of shares with team members in a startup environment, you should consider the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) and ESOP (Employee Share Option Plan) options. For more information on these options, see Fullstack`s Cake Cutting Guide – How ESS and ESOP Chords Work. A sweat equity contract is a contract under which an employee or contractor receives equity in exchange for providing services to a company. This means that they are not paid in dollars for their work, but that they receive shares from the company. The entity does not have the right to cede, sell, modify or amend the agreement unless the client`s explicit written consent may be withheld for any reason. The customer may freely transfer the client`s rights and obligations under this contract. It is important to include a section that sets separation criteria. The transfer of staff and team members is done quickly in the rapidly changing start-up environment, so a sweat equity agreement should define what happens to equity in the event of separation. 1. Get IT/Software/Hardware Contract Pack which contains this enterprise contract document.

Schedule A should indicate whether the compensation is 100% or more of equity or a combination of the two. It is best to talk to a lawyer before putting this type of agreement into effect, so you can avoid being responsible for thousands of dollars in wages and superannuation payments on the line. Stock market incentives are a powerful way to motivate new team members. Sweat equity agreements, if properly assembled, can help start-ups attract and hire talent that is otherwise not available. In many cases, sweating agreements are made to offer talented workers less than would normally be offered in exchange for a stake in a business. You can create your own custom version of this contract document using the computer/software/material contract pack. Run the next steps to get started.

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