Eu Japan Connectivity Agreement

// 19 сентября 2021 // Без рубрики

However, benign neglect has so far marked European and Japanese connectivity cooperation, giving China a considerable advantage in promoting connectivity between Europe, East Asia and the regions in between. Both the European Union and Japan hope that the new initiative will change that. “. the European Union and Japan are now interested in managing the simmering connectivity conflict. There are signs that the normative approach of the European Union and Japan is not without effect. The Chinese government is starting to talk about “quality” and “sustainable” connectivity. While “high quality” did not even appear in Chinese President Xi Jinping`s keynote speech at the first Belt and Road Forum 2017, he mentioned it six times at the second forum in April 2019. There is no consensus on how to create synergies between their connectivity offerings, which, at best, are now parallel and, in the worst case, interoperable. And the substantial reflection on the strategic thinking of the other remains weak. The Trump administration`s confrontational approach, even to like-minded countries, and its non-binding attitude toward Asia toward global trade create other barriers. For Beijing, the connectivity project, still relatively vaguely launched by Brussels and Tokyo, can be seen as a requirement for multilateral participation in the construction of the new Silk Roads.

Beyond sustainability, the BIS is also far from being a “level playing field” initiative. Chinese financing is most often related to the awarding of projects to Chinese companies and the supply of Chinese goods and services. .

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