Reaffirmation Agreement Judgement

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“Court decision: the court ups with the debtor`s request and approves the confirmation agreement described above.” “The assertion of guilt is a serious financial decision. The law requires you to take certain steps to ensure that the decision is in your best interest. If these steps are not completed, the confirmation agreement is not effective, although you have signed it. “I herein confirm that (1) this agreement constitutes a fully informed and voluntary agreement of the debtor; 2. This agreement does not place undue severity on the debtor or debtor dependent on the debtor; and (3) I have fully informed the debtor of the legal value and consequences of this agreement and of any default in this agreement. “Your right to cancel your confirmation agreement (to be revoked). You can revoke (cancel) your confirmation agreement at any time before a discharge decision is made or before the 60-day period beginning on the date your confirmation agreement is filed in court, depending on what happens later. To revoke (cancel) your confirmation contract, you must inform the creditor that your confirmation agreement will be cancelled (or terminated). That`s not the case. (c) (3) The pub. L. 103-394, No.

103 A (2), refused “such an agreement” after “this” was removed from the “and” introductory provisions at the end of the lower part. (A), added “such an agreement” in the subtitles. (A) and (B) and added below average. (C). “7. If you have not been represented by a lawyer while negotiating your confirmation agreement, this will not be effective unless the court allows it. The court will inform you of the agreement of the hearing. You must attend this hearing in bankruptcy court, where the judge will review your confirmation agreement. The bankruptcy court must approve your confirmation agreement as being in accordance with your interests, except that no judicial authorization is required if your confirmation agreement applies to a consumer debt guaranteed by a mortgage, an act of trust, a security respect or other right of guarantee on your property such as your home. As before, if you stop paying, the bank will take the car back and sell it to the highest bidder at an auction. But – since the court did not approve the confirmation and the debts have been reduced – that is all they can do.

No matter how much you still owe on your auto loan, the bank cannot try to recover the debts from you personally.

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