Viasat Agreement

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TOKYO and CARLSBAD, Calif., November 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, and Infostellar Inc., a Japanese ground segment in service (GSaS) start-up, announced today that they have signed an agreement with Real-Time Earth (RTE). Through this collaboration, Viasat will be the market leader in Infostellar services in the United States, Infostellar will play the role of Japanese market channel leader for Viasat`s growing RTE network and Viasat will become a preferred antenna provider for Infostellar`s growing network of ground antennas. Fortunately, this year there was an alternative. We went through the process of separating our Exede service, and then our monthly fee was charged a few days later. When we called back, the customer service staff said our previous request had “failed.” We went through the entire separation process and went through another process to get our monthly fees reimbursed. Our service is now separate, but our refund request, although accepted by customer service, has been refused by the companies because our customer agreement states that there is no refund for unused data. It is not important that our first application was received prior to our extension date and that Exede`s fault was the fault of the failure of the application. Keywords Air Force Research Laboratory CommandSe Department of Defense DOD Govcon ID/IQ Prototype Viasat Space Systems This agreement applies to your use of our Exede or WildBlue courier service. Be CAREFUL again. Read your customer agreement carefully and think that Exede will do everything in its power to manipulate you. Exede is as dishonest, ruthless and worthless as companies come.

Viasat has made the same scam since they are WildBlue. They increase the amount of bandwidth they sell and it works fine until they roughly over-draw it, and you can barely use it during the busy parts of the day. Hence the two-year contract. No matter how the service decreases, you can`t cancel without paying your blackmail fees. Viasat on February 28, 2018. The download speed was .5 Megabeeps. Or not at all. Viasat is trying to impose early termination fees. I`ll never pay. I contacted my bank to dispute any fees charged from my account, viasat Exede or Bluestar, or whatever they are called today.

A complaint was also filed with Better Business in Denver Co. These people are crazy. This customer agreement, including all the supplements applicable to this customer agreement (together the “agreement”), describes the terms between you and ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation. (“OECC” “We” or “we”) for Viasat`s Internet access services, Viasat, Exede and WildBlue, Viasat`s e-mail service (Internet services) as well as voice logging service over the Internet (“Voice”) and the “First Tech Support” (Internet service), Voice and Premier Tech support can also be referred to as “service” Please note that if you receive your bill for your third-party service, the terms of a customer agreement with that third party and its contact information differ from those indicated in this Agreement.

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