Yacht Charter Agreement Template

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Included/Excluded (unless otherwise stated under the additional conditions): the charter fee includes the services of a captain and crew, meals, standard boat bar, fuel and all costs related to the operation of the vessel and the use of sports equipment on board. Charter fees do not include exquisite diving, diving, beverage and wine equipment, excessive alcohol consumption, out-of-yacht excursions, harbour house, taxes and cruise permits, telephone transfers, airport transfers and crew tips, or similar fees incurred by CHARTERER. 5.10 The charterer limits the number of persons within its party to a number not exceeding the number of berths on the vessel, unless it depends on the part of the charterer that does not exceed the number of seats on board the vessel authorized by the competent authority, after prior agreement with the owner. 9. RESTRICTED USE: CHARTERER agrees that, for the duration of this charter, the yacht is used exclusively as a pleasure ship for the exclusive and correct use of its own, family, customers and servants, and that it does not carry goods or carry passengers for payment or act in any way, nor in violation of the laws of a government whose jurisdiction may be the yacht at any time and must respect the law in all other respects. If, due to a case of force majeure, delivery is not made within 24 hours or after a period of one-seventh of the charter period, that the vessel is shorter or if the vessel is not replaced by at least a similar or better vessel, the charterer is entitled to treat the agreement in such a way that it has been refused by the owner and to demand reimbursement in proportion to the delay period or, if agreed upon, to allow a proportionate extension of the charter deadline. 5.5 The charterer may not charter or share a sub-charter or part with control of the vessel without the prior written consent of the owner. 6.3 If the vessel has taken over the Provisions of the Charter prior to the cancellation date or if the owner incurred other costs on behalf of the charterer, the charterer will reimburse these costs unless the supplier can be reimbursed in full or in part by the supplier or transferred to the next charter, in which case these fees will be adjusted accordingly. The owner is required to reduce these costs as much as possible. 10. NAVIGATION LIMITS: The CHARTERER commits to the cruise of the yacht on the 1st side of this agreement, the cruise area are indicated.

Agreement to rent: The owner rents the yacht for the charter period and agrees not to enter into any other agreement for the same period. “payment of fuel and accident damage”: non-refundable payment for accidental damage or losses to the vessel and auxiliary equipment, as well as for the loss or damage of a third-party yacht involved in an accident with the vessel. Including fuel up to a reported value< 13. DROGUES AND OTHER ILLICIT ACTIVITIES: The consumption, transport or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics (INCLUDING MARIJUANA) or any other smuggling or other illegal activity is strictly prohibited. CHARTERER`s participation in any of these activities or a guest of the party is a violation of the Charter and is an opportunity to terminate the agreement immediately without refunding CHARTERER`s payments. CHARTERER is responsible for losses or damage to the yacht as a result of such violations and is transferred to the nearest point of contact ashore. Claims: The owner is not liable for any matters arising from this agreement or in connection with this agreement, unless the charterer has notified the owner no later than 24 hours after the expiry of the charter period or, in practice, after the date the event occurs, the cause of the complaint.

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